Oman Holiday Packages

Best Oman Trip & Holiday Packages

Oman is a western Asia country located on the borders of Yemen and the southern area of the Arabian Peninsula. It is very peaceful and has a serene view of the incredible landscape, which makes it a perfect destination for holidays. It can be a most adventure trips for those who want some break from the choice of the city. And if you make up your mind to visit this incredible city, then the second step of the process is to plan the trip perfectly or to know about the Oman trip packages. Let’s have an amazing and memorable trip for that, you have to find a trusted and reliable travel agency like Viaggi Tours.

Best Time to Visit Oman

As Oman is a very hot country, so it is advisable to avoid going there in the time of March to October as it is the time of scorching heat. So the best time to have quality time in Oman is between November to March. At this time, you can cover destinations like Khasab, Sur, Bahla, Wadi Darbat, muscat etc. You can also explore different camping locations like Bedouins, dune bashing, camel safari etc.

Consulting an experienced tour and travel guide can help you perfectly plan your trip on time and within a very affordable budget. While planning the trip to Oman, you must consider which time will be suitable for the vacation is always important. Also we will cover all the destinations which you never thought of. A destination like Salalah is a gorgeous beach in the city with banana, papaya and coconut plantation. You can only complete your trip by going to the Khasab, also known as a place with many vistas. There you can go diving, snorkelling and swimming, and you can watch dolphins there, which is a well-known activity to do there.

Oman Holiday Packages

Viaggi Tours provide you with the best facilities and services throughout the vacation, and we will ensure that you have spent a quality time and memorable moments in Oman. We ensure you cherish the entire trip throughout your life. We have a wide range of packages according to your requirement. Such as how many destinations do you want to cover, how many days you want to stay, what kind of hotel accommodation you want, what kind of transportation do you need,. Whether you want a solo trip, couple or a group trip. Do you need to pick up and drop facilities or not etc.? We have the best guides who will help you in all aspects of the travel. We have a very affordable price range for all types of customers, and we can make changes in the plan and budget according to your preferences and changes.