Harim Mountain Tour

Harim Mountain
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Harim Mountain Oman Trip & Holiday Packages

Harim Mountain Tour

Harim Mountain:- Jabel al Harim is also known as the mountain of women. Jabel al Harim is the highest peak of the Musandam, about 2080 meters above sea level. The Jabel al Harim has got some beautiful vistas and spectacular inspiring landscapes. This place mainly attracts tourists with the new soft green grass around the spring. You can also view the beautiful scenery of the Strait of Hormuz.

Khasab Castle:- The Khasab Castle is situated in the Musandam Peninsula’s provincial capital Khasab. When the Portuguese conquered the Khasab Province in the seventeenth century, they constructed it as a component of their strategy to seize the power of the Strait of Hormuz, a confined passage from the Arab Peninsula to the Arabian Gulf. The Omanis used it in 1624 while they fought the Portuguese out of the nation. Later, it served as both a prison and the residence for the Wali, the administrator of Khasab.

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