Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar tour

Nizwa Tower

Nizwa Tower

Nizwa Suq

Nizwa Suq

Jebel akhdar

Jebel akhdar

Birkat Al Mouj

Birkat Al Mouj

Ain Village

Ain Village

Nizwa Tower Nizwa Suq Jebel akhdar Birkat Al Mouj Ain Village

After the breakfast tour begins.

Drive from Muscat to Nizwa 170 Km, 2 hrs.

Lunch in a local restaurant.

Arrival in Nizwa and visit Nizwa Fort, Nizwa Souq, Nizwa, Watch Tower, (Cattle Market, Bird Market, Carpet Market only on Fridays)

Nizwa Fort :- The erection of Nizwa fort, which was started in the seventeenth century by Sultan Bin Saif Al Yarubi, the utmost important member of the Yarubi tribe, and finished in twelve years, has a long and illustrious history. However, this Fort was constructed by Imam Al Sultan bin Malik Al Kharusi during the ninth century.

Nizwa Tower:- The foundation extends 30 meters (98 feet) underground. One of the most interesting features is the drum-like cylindrical tower about 45 meters (148 feet) in diameter and about 34 meters (112 feet) high. Two cannons guard the tower’s entrance, as well as a labyrinth of rooms, high-ceilinged halls, doorways, terraces, narrow staircases and corridors that give you a deeper look at the ingenuity of Omani architecture.

Nizwa Souq (Market):- which is close to the Nizwa fort, will offer you a taste of the past of Oman because most of its buildings still feature the country’s historical buildings. Based on what you wish to purchase, the souq is divided into separate sections; You can witness locals purchasing Omani Pottery, Silver jewelry, Handicrafts, Spices, Frankincense, Traditional Omani attire for both men and women, Traditional Khanjars (Dagger), Perfumes, Dates and Dates Honey, Meat, fruits and vegetables, Omani Traditional Sweet Halwa. The remaining of its souq offers distinctive mementos like fresh dates, lamps, and taqiya headgear. The typical Omani souq marketplace is the most incredible location to observe how the community market functions.

Drive to Falaj Darir and Birkat Al Mouz 28 Km, 30 Minutes.

Falaj Daris:- JThe Falaj Daris is perhaps Oman’s biggest Falaj and a World Heritage Site in Nizwa, giving the city the water it needs for its farmlands and crops. Locals frequently visit the park created on a little fraction of the Falaj! This old Falaj is thought to date back to 2500 BC! Hence, While you’re on vacation in Nizwa, the Falaj is an excellent location to unwind and relax!

Drive to Bahla Fort 9 Km, 15 Minutes

Birkat Al Mouz:- In Oman’s Nizwa province, in the Ad Dakhiliyah district, is the historic hamlet of Birkat Al Mouz. It also houses the reconstructed fort known as Bait al Redidah and functions as the gateway to the Wadi Al-Muaydin on Jebel Akhdar’s southern edge. We highly suggest you make a pit break at the Birkat Al Mouz remains on your approach to Jebel Akhdar since the scenery from this village will transport you to a different era. You would also learn about the way that these native inhabitants resided in these mountains, which were bordered by plantations.

Drive to Jebel Akhdar 21 Km, 30 Minutes.

Jebel Akhdar:- Jebel Akhdar, primarily made of limestone and sand, is also known as the Green Mountain for the bushes and trees that flourish there, thanks to the 300 millimeters of rainfall it obtains annually. One among Oman’s most visited tourist destinations, Jebel Akhdar is known for its walnut orchards, fruit orchards, and date plantations. It also has a distinctive rose water aroma filtered and distributed to neighboring settlements’ homes. Hence, you’ll have an incredible journey that pleases the whole of your emotions with Jebel Akhdar!

Drive to Al Ain Village 17 Km, 20 Minutes.

Al Ain Village :- The village of Al Ain, one of the most beautiful villages in Oman’s Saiki Plateau. Located on the edge of the Bani Habib Valley, it is famous for its fields, green mountain terraces and rose gardens. Pomegranates, apricots and walnuts grow abundantly in the valley below the village of Bani Habib, with rural terraced fields. In the valley you can see the ruins of an old abandoned village.

Drive to Wadi Bani Habib and Old Houses 10 Km, 15 Minutes.

Wadi Bani Habib:- In the Jebal Akhdar, an idyllic deserted Omani settlement is called Wadi Bani Habib. People advise visiting late in the day and early morning to avoid crowds and enjoy the town to yourself, which seems to get crowded during the daytime. You may take a quick stroll down to this hamlet or observe it from the view as the car moves by. Near Nizwa, in the Jabal Al Akhdar ranges, which are an extension of the Al Hajar highlands, is where you’ll find Wadi Bani Habib. The Wadi, which is 2000 meters above sea level, is filled with fruit palms.

Drive back to Muscat 193 Km, 2 hrs. 30 Minutes.


  • Pick up and Drop off as per itinerary in a Saloon car vehicle
  • Services of an experienced English/Arabic speaking chauffeur
  • All sightseeing as per the program
  • Water during the excursion


  • Any personal shopping/Monuments ticket/Any Meal
  • Additional areas you may wish to visit
  • Anything/Everything not mentioned in inclusions

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