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khasab Dhow

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Jebel Harim

khasab Dhow Tour & Travel Packages In Oman Jebel Harim

Places to visit in Khasab

Khasab forts: Khasab fort is where every tourist wants to visit first, then all other sites in Khasab. This place indeed can give you a glimpse of old Khasab, how this place used to be before it got modernized.Nakhl or Nakhal is a remote village in Oman’s Al Batinah area. The title ‘Nakhl’ refers to “palm,” and the roads of this oasis in the deserts are lined with them. Established against the angular heights of the Western Hajar range’s Jebel Nakhal Mountains, this is among the most picturesque cities in the nation. There’s also a small stream and a hot spring that peacefully streams into the town.

Khasab fort’s main attractions are its museum and its housing exhibition. The museum reflects Khasab of the 17th century, how this beautiful place emerged from the 17th century; this museum has also got some of the ancient boats of Musandam. The housing exhibition can show you the décor, clothes, and other items which were part of Khasba in the 17th century.

Harim Mountain:- Castle Al Hazm One of Oman’s most incredible breathtaking castles is Al Rustaq, located in the Al Batinah area. Al Hazm castle’s architecture stands out from other Omani castles and forts because the builders utilized no wood in building its ceilings. Al Hazm Castle is similar to Jabreen Castle and Nizwa Fort because it’s a defensive building that also serves as the Imam’s residence. Consequently, the fort features a variety of beautiful architectural elements despite having been built for defense objectives.

Bassa Beach:- Bassa beach is so near Khasab that you can get there by walking. It is a destination where anyone can pass his time with all peace and relaxation. It is also very famous as a family spot, many times the families come to spend time together or for a picnic. You can also try swimming on the beach. Children can make their sand houses and can do beach combing as well.

Dibba:- Dibba Al-Baya is a tiny, charming village located in the southeast part of the Musandam Peninsula. You may reach Eastern Musandam through Dibba, and untouched nature surrounds the settlement. Hiking, camping, and trekking are all made possible by the mountains and craggy cliffs. Due to the unique aquatic life on the coral reefs, these waters are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are numerous giant sinkholes that present professional divers with complex dive sites. One of several top Musandam sights is Dibba.

Fjords:- The residents of Musandam, a coastal province, have constructed numerous classic dhows and boats that they utilize for fishing and other activities. More significantly, a boat trip to Musandam is an essential experience for tourists and visitors. While cruising along the seas of the Gulf, tourists can take in the distinctive fjords while conversing with residents, eating dates, and sipping Omani coffee, usually Kahwa. Tourists may also request the boats to pause to swim in Musandam’s pristine turquoise waters and relish pleasant weather.

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